Science is a core curriculum subject. It is taught for 1 1/2 hours every week in each class. We follow the Plymouth Science scheme, which ensures knowledge, scientific enquiry skills and working scientifically skills progress throughout the school. Our school  curriculum aims to foster a deep respect and responsibility for our environment and as such, we also follow a sustainable development programme.

Science enjoys a high profile in our school and is enjoyed by all pupils. We often celebrate particular national events or weeks, such as Space Week. Science is enhanced in our school through trips and visitors, for example Jodrell Bank, Martin Mere, a visiting planetarium, a local farm, and many more. Visitors have included an aquatic ecologist, a pharmacist, a green energy engineer, an orthodontist, a farmer and many more. We are committed to providing as many hands-on learning experiences as possible.

We recently had a sunflower growing competition. A boy in Year 6 grew one to a height of 2.19 metres! He won a bundle of Science goodies. 

Please take a look at the pictures below...

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